Monday: Japchae, Donkasu, and Odeng-guk!


Today’s lunch (from upper left clockwise) was japchae, kimchi, chicken donkasu with mustard, bean rice, and odeng guk (soup)!

Japchae: cold sweet potato noodles with mixed veggies and sesame oil
Kimchi: fermented cabbage and chili
Donkasu: breaded and deep fried meat, usually pork or chicken, and sometimes sweet potato or cheese.
Odeng: fish cake
Guk: soup/broth

Since I started working for my newest school, I have noticed that the menu has been especially made so that the flavors mix well together. In many other places, the menu has not been made with flavor in mind, and usually the foods do not mix, or more likely, there are too many side dishes with one flavor (three different types of kimchi, for example). I am very happy with today’s lunch!

I am implementing a rating system for these lunches, with 맛 points. 맛 means “flavor” and is pronounced “maat”. The highest rating is 5 맛. Lowest is 1 or 0 맛.

Today’s Rating: 맛맛맛! 3/5


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