Tuesday: The Best School Bulgogi Ever!

Today’s lunch was pretty standard fare: carbs, protein, mystery (hot dog or sausage?) soup, and kimchi.

Radish Kimchi: Made the same way as cabbage kimchi, but has a crisp bite and some tough greens fermented with it.
Bulgogi: You may have had this outside of Korea, but I have to say it is delicious! The beef is mixed with marinated quail eggs in sugary soy sauce, so I couldn’t stop myself from drizzling it all over my rice!
Acorn Jelly: No kidding, this stuff is just plain weird. When you hear jelly, you expect sweet (coming from the West). In Korea, this is mixed in soy sauce and served with hot garlic chives and spicy red pepper flakes. Do not attempt eating with chopsticks.
Mystery Soup: This was not Budae chiggae (Army Soup), but closely resembled it. Inside this slightly spicy broth were bean sprouts and slices of something that looked like either hot dogs or sausages. I’m still not sure.

Overall, I give this lunch . Just one, because even though the bulgogi was out of this world, one cannot survive on beef and quail eggs alone. (Unless you’re Arnold.)



One thought on “Tuesday: The Best School Bulgogi Ever!

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