Wednesday: Korean Curry and Tteokbokki!


Clockwise from upper left: kimchi, apple slices, tteokbokki, Korean curry, plain rice

Today’s lunch was very satisfying! I actually love Korean curry days. Most schools serve “Ottegi” curry, which is a well-known brand name here, but my school served a “homemade” curry of broccoli, pork bits, potato, and seasoning. I got really excited when I smelled it in the lunchroom! Even one of my coworkers said that curry days are the best!

Tteokbokki: spicy rice cake and fish paste. The rice cake (tteok) is really chewy and can be especially filling because of its density.

Today’s Rating: 맛맛맛 3/5
Only three “maat” because there were so few veggies… the curry was mostly broccoli, and also because lunch was so heavy! I felt like I was going to burst afterwards! >_<;


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