Thursday: Bibimbap and a Corn Dog?


Clockwise from left to right: vinegary cabbage, ketchup and a corn dog, bananas marinated in yogurt and cornflakes, fishy egg drop soup, and bibimbap!

Today’s lunch was out of this world! Seriously! They really made a statement with the Bibimbap, and even brought in more flavors with the bananas/yogurt/cornflakes and corn dog! I was more than impressed. I was floored!

Bibimbap: I would go as far to say that this is the true national dish of Korea. Mixed veggies, meat of choice (today is tuna), and some spicy pepper sauce. Toss together with some sesame oil and rice and you’ve got a very hearty meal.
Fishy egg drop soup: Not the best choice… meaning, I’ve had more flavorful egg drops, but at least it wasn’t too salty.
Vinegary Cabbage: I know this is a substitute for kimchi, but nothing beats kimchi.

The corn dog was crunchy on the outside but chewy inside. Nice.
The banana bonanza was AWESOME and even though I wanted seconds, I managed to curb the craving. I will make you, banana cassarole, and eat a LOT of you someday….just you wait!

Today’s Rating: 맛맛맛맛! 4/5!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday: Bibimbap and a Corn Dog?

    • If you ever come to South Korea, you might be surprised at how much food is actually fusion (from the USA/Japan/Thailand)!
      Thanks for stopping by! ^^

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