Friday: The Tofu Got My Hopes Up!


Kimchi, Fire Tofu, Squid Soup, and… Chicken?

I think the question mark should clearly emphasize how I felt when I started eating this meal.

Notice how there isn’t much? Apparently Thursday’s lunch was too fatty (they would probably say “caloric” while I would definitely say fatty), so we were all thrust into a fast/cleanse on Friday.

Um, without getting too specific, this lunch definitely cleansed me. I’m sure it was the Fire Tofu that gave me the sick stomach in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spicy food, but this lunch had nothing to soak up those spices. Ouch.

The chicken would have been great except it didn’t feel like it had been cooked with the other delicious veggies… It was bland and still had a lot of fat and skin attached, and I found myself just using the veggies and sauce to eat my rice. I think I had two or three “sympathy” sips of my Squid Soup.

Rating? 0/5 맛. Just a bad day!


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