Monday: Slurp Your Leftovers Soup


Radish Kimchi, Scrambled Eggs, Leftovers Soup, and Kimchi Pork on Rice

A vast improvement from Friday, today’s lunch was pretty tasty. The radish kimchi is a side dish that I personally don’t like, so whenever it is served to me, I only take the “spinach” leaves. I’m pretty sure it’s not even really related to spinach other than the fact that they’re both green, but it’s better than radish. (Actually, now that I think about it, it’s probably just “radish greens”. Yes, I had to google.)

What really stood out about this meal was the soup. It was a mix of tofu, pork, and kimchi. I’m not sure if it has a name, as my coworkers just described it like a random concoction from the kitchen rather than something traditional. Good on them! I hate eating the same thing all the time. (Except bagels, salad, and coffee. Won’t ever stop.)

The meat and rice was pork pieces marinated in some kind of kimchi juice. I joked that this was a great body building lunch. Seriously? Eggs, rice, pork, tofu?? Enough protein to keep any man awake for… oh wait, I’m teaching an All-Boys Middle School. Okay, I get it…

I’d rate this lunch as 맜 1/5 since usually lunches stand out a bit more than this at our school. Also, I hate scrambled eggs!


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