Tuesday: Why Sugar? Why?


Kimchi, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Spaghetti-Sauce Donkasu, Vegetable Cream Soup, and Rice.

Nice work, school! You tapped into my favorite food group: PASTA!

This lunch was great. I really enjoyed it, even if it was a little strange (spaghetti sauce in donkasu?), and even if the sauce was a little too sweet for my pallet.

Kimchi: of the usual variety. I’m personally cutting back from kimchi in my diet, so you might not see so much of it any more.
Spaghetti: noodles were a bit chilly and sauce pretty sweet, but it was still spaghetti and yum. (It’s too bad we don’t have S&P to enhance our food…)
Garlic Bread: I would insert my “WHY IS IT ALWAYS SWEET??” rant here, but I’m not feeling up to it today. Just understand that most (like 99%) of Garlic Bread/Toast/snacks are made with SUGAR. Ew.
Donkasu: normally this is made with pork, chicken, cheese, or sweet potato inside, but today it was JUST spaghetti sauce. So tasty I felt guilty for going back for a second piece…
Creamy Vegetable Soup: okay, disclaimer. I know this stuff comes from a big bag of powdered, super processed flour and god knows what else (another problem of not being able to understand Korean), but I like it. And it’s perfectly okay when camping, hiking, or eating at school. I love it so much that I got two bowls. Somebody stop me.

Today’s rating is 맛맛맛맛! 4/5! The soup totally saved the day.


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