Friday: Potato Chicken…and not much else.



The best part of today’s lunch was definitely that stuff you see on the rice. Potato and Chicken and lots of spicy sauce. That cucumber salad next to the kimchi? MUCH. TOO. SPICY. I grabbed a lot because I thought it would be mild, but it wasn’t. I had a runny nose and no tissues. Not pretty.

감자미역국: Potato Seaweed Soup – This stuff has a taste that needs time to develop a liking to, but it’s really healthy.
불닭치즈구이: Buldak Cheese Gooie – The main chicken dish, with cheese!~
도라지오이생채: Cucumber Salad – as said before, way too spicy for me.

I give this meal a 맛맛 2/5 because the only really yummy thing (for me) was the chicken/cheese/potato dish over rice, nothing really complemented the flavor, and it was not very nutritious.

I can’t wait to see what we get on Monday! ^^

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2 thoughts on “Friday: Potato Chicken…and not much else.

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