Thursday: Fried Fish and Tofu!



Good news! Today I found out (Thanks to my friend, Caitlin) how to look up our school’s lunch menu online! This way I can give a more descriptive explanation of food rather than calling something “unidentifiable” (I’m looking at you, soup from last Tuesday!).

Today’s lunch was awesome. I really love Tofu days, and I promise to get more than one package next time (honestly, it wasn’t enough). Fried fish, tofu, chicken soup! Here’s the breakdown:

참치김치볶음 Chamchi (Tuna) Kimchi Bokkeum: Usually Beokkeum is usually suffixed with -bap (rice) because it literally means “Fried”. Fried rice is tasty, and with kimchi AND tuna, you can’t really go wrong. In this case, though, there was no rice. [In hindsight, I suppose you could mix it with your normal rice. Duh, Rachel.]
연두부 Soft Tofu and Sesame Soy Sauce: OMG this is delicious. Do yourself a favor and just eat some already.
닭개장 Chicken Soup: This is a recipe I’d really like to try in the future. It’s Korean Chicken Soup! Yum!
햄계란부침: Fried Spam. Yep, Fried Spam. No other explanation necessary.

I give this a 맛맛맛 3/5!


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