Monday: Get Quack to the Work Week!


Marinated, fried tofu; duck meat and mustard; soybean soup
Not pictured: radish kimchi

Today’s lunch was a surprise! We haven’t had duck in quite some time, so I assume this meal was to mentally prepare us for Midterms week!

  • The tofu was pretty hard compared to the kind we had last week with soy sauce, but it was also spicy and marinated with carrots and chives. Yum.
  • Duck meat is quite a common meat choice in Korea, though it’s rather expensive, which makes me question why it’s being served at an all-boys Middle school with nearly 1,000 students…
  • The Soybean Soup was delicious. I think I felt a mental pinch just writing that. Yes, this is the first time in over 2 years in Korea that I had great-tasting soybean soup! There were a lot of flavors and spices tossed in which made this usually bland dish quite good in my opinion!

So for today, I give this lunch a 맛맛맛맛 4/5! Great nutrition, delicious meat choice, and slurpable soup.

Are you wondering how to submit your own Lunch-ee? Head over to the Eat Your Lunch-ee Facebook Page and give it a thumbs up. Then post a picture of your lunch with a short description and rating, and we’ll put it up on the blog.

THIS WEEK, we are doing a contest for best and worst lunch of the week. Please submit your Lunch-ee before Friday at 6pm, and voting will be announced later in the evening.

As always, thanks for tuning in and see you tomorrow!


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