Tuesday: Spain House


cutlet heaven

Midterms mean eating out at restaurants, so this day, my co-worker took me to a little place called Spain House. I got so excited thinking about burritos, nachos, quesadillas… that I was a bit disappointed in the cutlets that I got in my lunch special.

(Also weird was my co-worker ordering for me… very Korean, I suppose.)

We had the donkasu platter, which had fish, pork, and chicken all fried. The best was the pork, which you can see in the photo was nearly devoured before I remembered to shoot it. Yum yum.

I’d say that this lunch was a solid 4맛/5. Definitely not for nutrition’s sake!

Please send in your lunchee by heading over to the Eat Your Lunch-ee Facebook Page. Give it a thumbs up and share a photo of your food with us.


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