Wednesday: New Chinese Restaurant


Chinese “Seyu Bokkuem Bap” and “Tang Su Yook”
not pictured: Jjamppong and Jjajang Sauce

Today’s lunch was eaten at New Chinese Restaurant, a very high profile lunch spot that has great atmosphere and delicious Jjajangmyeong.

I don’t particularly like Chinese food in South Korea, mostly because it’s… all…. jjajangmyeong.

My main course was Seyu Bokkeum, or Shrimp Fried Rice. This is my Korean-Chinese food go-to meal. I love shrimp and fried rice, but today I found the flavor to be lacking.

But they also had Tangsuyook! And Jjamppong!

I really enjoyed the soup (jjamppong) and the appetizer (tangsuyook)! Jjamppong is so spicy and has loads of flavor from onions and seafood. Sometimes it’s just too spicy and I can’t eat it, but I really loved today’s version.

Tangsuyook is very much like American Sweet and Sour Pork, but the sauce is very sweet and has bits of pineapple and seaweed in it! I really love it, so much so that the teachers boxed up the extras and gave them to me to take home! ^^

I give this lunch a 4맛/5. Delicious (mostly), pretty healthy, and well served. Thank you, school, for allowing me to eat spicy soup to my heart’s content and take home a bowl of tangsuyook!

Please submit your photos and stories to Eat Your Lunch-ee! Just click the link, thumbs up the page, and post your own photo. Thanks so much for checking out the blog. See you tomorrow!


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