Thursday: Spicy Pork and Tofu Soup


kimchi, seaweed salad, tofu-miso soup, and spicy pork on rice

Today’s lunch was spectacular.

The tofu-miso soup really hit the spot, since the weather has turned cold overnight. I tried not to drip any on my coat and scarf as I shivered at the cafeteria table. This winter is going to be cold!

I was quite impressed with the seaweed salad as well. It’s not that normal to get GREENS in lunch because… well, boys will be boys. They like a lot of meat and spicy food!

I give this a 4.5맛/5! The nutrition was good, the taste was spectacular, and I felt full after just this one plate.

Please head over to the Eat Your Lunch-ee Facebook Page and submit your photo today!


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