Friday: Bony Pork and Seafood Soup


kimchi, bony pork, radish salad, seafood soup, rice

I think the picture says it all today.

Honestly, the pork tasted good, I’m just not into “Korean Ribs”. I believe we’d actually call them “niblets”. It’s annoying to get the meat off the bone if you want to be all proper and not eat with your hands.

I ate the ddeok (rice cake) and soup, though there again… Ever since the news broke out that South Korea had some of the most polluted mollusks in Asia, I stopped eating foods like “Soon Du Bu Chiggae” that had shellfish in it. I scooped out all the squid and mollusks and slurped away, trying not to think about it.

I barely touched the radish salad… it’s just not for me (pretty sure my tastebuds have something against Asian radishes!). The kimchi was perfect, however!

I give this lunch 3맛/5, since I think it was pretty unbalanced nutritionally. Let’s see what they give us next week! ^^

Later today, the winners of the best and worst meal of the week will be announced, as will a full guest blogger post be made! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Friday: Bony Pork and Seafood Soup

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