Friday: Birthday Soup and Fried Chicken Tang-Su-Yook



I really enjoyed today’s lunch. There is a tradition to eat Birthday Soup every birthday and New Years Day, like Chickpeas in the States. It’s also great on a chilly and foggy Friday afternoon.

새알미역국: Seaweed Soup a.k.a. “Birthday Soup”: Today this was very flavorful and not too salty. I really enjoy the tteok (rice cake). It’s very filling and I didn’t need that much rice at all.
우엉어묵볶음: Fried burdockBurdock is a root that tastes almost like an artichoke. It doesn’t look pretty, but the taste is really good!
치킨탕수육: Fried Chicken Tangsuyook: Linked is a restaurant in South Korea that sells this particular dish. So yummy, but no seconds for me!
배추김치: Cabbage Kimchi: My favorite of all kimchi… original! Today’s was very sour.

I give today’s lunch a 5맛/5! Very good!

*Dearest Readers*
Due to a massive influx of readers today, I ask you please to join the Facebook Group Eat Your Lunchee and post YOUR school lunch today!

This way, we can start posting more Guest Spotlight Lunch-ees and have a weekly Lunch-ee contest!

Thank you!! ^_^


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