Tuesday: Simmered Pork and Quail Eggs with Bee-Gee Chiggae!



Do you remember when I posted about that AMAZING pork sauce that was super addictive over rice (probably because of MSG)?? Yep, here it is again!
비지찌개: Biji Stew (BeeJee haha): this is ground soybean stew, and while not my favorite texture, is very satisfying.
돈육메추리알조림: Pork (not beef like I thought) marinated in soy sauce with quail eggs. Roughly translates to “Pork quail eggs simmered“, not “Bulgogi” like I thought it was before.
해물볶음면: Fried Seafood Noodles: yummy!
깍두기: Radish Kimchi: I’m still not a fan, but it’s crunchy and healthy. You should try it if you ever get the chance!

I’m trying to start a new thing where I link to Korean or English blogs I can find about the particular food so that you can try it yourself if you like to cook. :) Please let me know if you find it helpful.

Today’s lunch gets a 4맛/5! Delicious and pretty healthy!


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