Wednesday: Hallelujah, it’s Mandu!



Today’s lunch was fantastic! I love mandu so much… and bibimbap is a real treat for a school lunch!

참치야채비빔밥: Tuna and Vegetable Bibimbap: Very delicious and healthy! There are chopped up sesame leaves which gives it a bit of spice along with the red pepper sauce.
계란파국: Egg Drop Soup: This is not like the Chinese-American version of EDS, with lots of salt and just pieces of egg. This is a really strong onion flavored egg soup with soy sauce! Linked is the best picture blog I could find to making this Korean version.
만두찜: Mandu: You need to know that I absolutely love mandu, so I went back and got two more after finishing my meal. This is “Gogi (Meat) Mandu” which is salty and onion-y. It’s very easy to make as well, though I go the easy route and just get it from a restaurant. (I used to live near a place that was run by a North Korean defector who made really old-style mandu as big as your hand!)
나박김치: Vinegar Kimchi: this is really good, though I prefer a stronger vinegar flavor.

Today’s lunch was easily a 5맛/5!!

Hope you enjoy the links to Korean food blogs. I can’t read all of them, but the pictures are helpful. Please let Google Translate or BabelFish be your friend and translate these pages if you want to learn how to make your own Korean food. :)


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