Monday: Crab Meat Salad and Army Base Stew!



Do you ever have one of those days where you wished you didn’t have bones in your food?
Okay, maybe I’m weird or picky or something, but I hate bones in my meat. Fish, chicken, beef, or pork doesn’t matter- I prefer boneless meat because 1) this is the 21st century, and 2) it’s just easier to consume. The faster I can finish my lunch, the faster I can finish that lesson plan I didn’t get around to last weekend.

Here’s a breakdown of today’s menu:
부대찌개: Budae chiggae: Nicknamed “Army Stew”, budae chiggae is a spicy soybean soup that usually has a wide variety of stuff thrown in, like veggies, ramen noodles, cheese, and of course, spam. But today’s lunch version was a watered down version of that, with kimchi, bean sprouts, and spam. Even though it wasn’t restaurant-quality, it was very slurpable on this chilly Monday afternoon.
찜닭: Jjim-dak: I really love any dish that has potatoes in it, but… the bones in the chicken turned me off a bit. (I know, I know….)
숙주맛살무침: Crab and Bean Sprout Salad: Delish. I love sesame oil, love crab meat, and love sprouts. This was a perfect side dish for today’s meal!
총각김치: Radish Kimchi: Anyone that has been reading this blog knows I hate radish kimchi (it’s a texture thing) but I do love the radish greens, so I just grab them when radish kimchi is served.

I give today’s lunch a 4맛/5! Very well balanced and nutritious.

Please submit your lunch by visiting the Eat Your Lunch-ee Facebook Page and uploading your school lunch! Best and Worst Lunch winners will be announced at the end of this week!


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