Tuesday: Baechu Day!



I was so excited for today’s lunch that I literally inhaled it. I do not recommend breathing rice because ow. My lungs.

배추된장국: Chinese Cabbage (Baechu) and Miso Soup: Just divine. I’d love to make this myself (see the link).
오향장육: Sliced Pork/ Bossam: I’ve had this several times, most notably from delivery places. The red sauce next to it is Gochujung, or red pepper paste. These two foods combined make your mouth water. It almost feels like you can’t get enough!
도라지무생채: “Bellflower” Musengchae: I’m really still not a fan of radish (Asian? radish), but this is a good source of vitamins and minerals. The link is to a cooking show episode where they show you how to make it! (Good also for practicing your Korean Listening Skillz.)
배추겉절이: Salted Chinese Cabbage (Baechu): Very spicy and delicious, this is kimchi prepared in a slightly different way than typical kimchi sold at restaurants. Unfortunately I am still shying away from kimchi most days, though it is an excellent way to get your fiber for the day!

This weekend is kimchi-making weekend in South Korea! I’m tempted to try it myself, as cabbage will be on sale for about $0.04 a head!  I’ve also heard it’s really easy to make. We shall see!

I give this lunch a 4맛/5! Could have used more variation (has anyone else noticed that most of the food is RED??) but totally awesome! Thanks for reading, and please join the discussion on the Facebook Page!


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