Thursday: Spaghetti and Donkasu!



Today’s lunch was really good. I mean, I thought it couldn’t get any better than yesterday’s, but here we have two really great lunches in a row! Nice!

ㆍ콩나물김치국: Soybean Soup: Slightly spicy and delicious when eaten with rice.
ㆍ스파게티: Spaghetti: Usually goes on the sweet side of tomato sauce, but today had mushrooms in the sauce. Upgrade!
ㆍ치즈돈까스: Cheese Donkasu: Wonderful. This time had a nice brown sauce to accompany it.
ㆍ마늘식빵: Garlic Toast: Sweet as usually, but was a great scooping utensil.
ㆍ총각김치: Radish Kimchi: Eating the leaves and stems as usual. ;)

I give today’s lunch a 5맛/5! Even though there were more carbs than is healthy to eat, I really enjoyed the meal. Also, welcome to my blog, 계광 teachers! ^^

Please remember to upload a picture of YOUR school lunch on the Facebook Page to enter in our Best and Worst lunch of the Week contest!


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