Wednesday: A Mix of East and West



Oh my gosh! Potato Pie? Duenjang-guk? Pork and Kimchi Dopbap? I’m in heaven! This lunch was far superior to others this week and I got so excited, I got doubles of everything! (In hindsight, probably not a good idea~)

돈육김치덮밥: Pork and Kimchi Dopbap: The main dish is comprised of pork and kimchi that has been stir fried and is best eaten over rice. I find that when kimchi is stir fried, it has a less spicy but deeper flavor than its cold counterpart.
얼갈이된장국: Winter Cabbage Soup: When I first came to Korea, I didn’t like this soup much. It has miso in it, and can be a little stinky, but it is so delicious! It has definitely grown on me. [얼갈 (Uhl-gal) is a type of winter kimchi and is used in substitution of normal kimchi while it ferments.]
떡꼬치: Tteokgochi: This is a chewy rice cake snack that has been deep fried and served with chili sauce!
감자샐러드파이: Gamja (Potato) Salad Pie: Imagine potato salad. Now imagine it in a pie crust. I’m drooling just thinking about it! (Linked is a beautiful photo blog!)
동치미: Dongchimi (Pickled Radish): They say that vinegar is very good for your health and you should have about a teaspoon every day. Dongchimi is a great food for that since the radish absorbs the vinegar and has a nice crunch. I like the water the best, and I tried the pepper, but it was too sour for me.

I give today’s lunch a 5맛/5! It was amazing! Great side dishes (not really great nutrition), and perfect mix of flavor and texture. Thanks, lunch ladies! ^^

*Don’t forget to post your lunch over at Eat Your Lunch-ee. We will choose the best and worst on Friday night and announce the winner and loser on Saturday!*


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