Monday: Samgyeopsal!


Samgyeopsal is, to me, the backbone of Korea. It brings people together over a warm fire and chilled soju, while garlic wafts through the air…. oh, who am I kidding? This is SCHOOL lunch!

Even though the meat was cold, I still enjoyed this meal. Who doesn’t like bacon? While there was no alcohol, this meal was still a great welcome back gesture from the staff. The hearty potato and shellfish stew begged for seconds, as did the bacon (obviously!). I cannot get enough of Gochu paste, and spread it all over my rice. The chrysanthemum salad was surprisingly sweet (was that corn syrup??) and the kimchi was spot on and FRESH from the official kimchi-making weekend we just had.

감자아욱국: Gamja Ah Yukguk (Potato and Shellfish Soup)
쑥갓무침: Sukgat Muchim (Chrysanthemum Salad)
삼겹살구이: Samgyeopsal Gooie (Sangyeopsal Pork)
배추겉절이: Baechu Kut Jeuli (Napa Cabbage Kimchi)

Overall, I give this lunch a 5맛/5 for health and flavor. I only wish the Samgyeopsal had been warm, because bacon deserves to be loved.

Please submit your photos to the Facebook Group! A new winner and loser is chosen every week!


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