Friday: Yum Yum Chicken


I’m not sure if it’s me or my wacked-up tastebuds, but today’s lunch was near awful. The fish is nearly impossible to eat because of the bones and the soup was full of mollusks! At least we still had kimchi and chicken…

감자수제비국: Gamja Sujebi Guk (Potato Bread Soup): I cannot think of a better translation at the moment, but the way this soup is made, it’s the best in my opinion. This is like a vegetable soup with pieces of dough boiled in with it. Take a look at the link for more. My school made this with mollusks, and as you may know, mollusks are very unsafe in South Korea, but they still use them in everyday foods. I’m not really fond of shellfish so I ate around them and enjoyed the mushrooms and onions in the soup base.
양념치킨: YangNyeum Chicken (or as we in my household say, YumYum Chicken): this is one of the best chicken sauces out there. My only beef with this is that there were bones still in it! AH! But that’s a personal thing. *Some people I know don’t like YumYum chicken because there is SO MUCH skin and not enough meat. I’m easily grossed out by skin as well, but enough of this sauce and I’m perfectly fine with eating skin.*
꽁치구이: Kongchi Gooie (Fried Mackerel): I think this would be absolutely fantastic if I could magically make all the little invisible bones just POOF and disappear. I find it annoying to eat, and thus only managed to pick apart one filet. (My coteachers eat the bones and all… I will admit that I am not so brave.)
ㆍ배추김치: Baechu Kimchi: That delicious napa cabbage kimchi. This time I did not get much since my tonsils are already on fire.

Today’s lunch gets a 2맛/5. The only edible things being chicken, kimchi, and rice, this does not make a balanced meal. I’m considering doing a “STOP EATING MOLLUSKS” campaign at the school… -wink-

Have a great weekend, everyone, and enjoy Thanksgiving festivities, Americans! Next post will be a guest blogger and possibly a post about Thanksgiving in Korea!


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