Thursday: Pizza Tteokbokki?

20121123-135235.jpgI apologize for not updating the site Tuesday and Wednesday. I was out of work due to a nasty case of tonsillitis and am still on the mend. Here’s what we ate today at the cafeteria!

황태감자국: Hwangtae Gamja Guk (Fish and Potato Soup): It’s no surprise that I didn’t eat this. It was salty, had frozen fish paste thrown in, and just… not very appetizing. I’m not exactly an egg soup person.
오리불고기: Ori Bulgogi (Duck Meat): Duck meat is always good. This was spicy. Honestly, I thought it was pork at first! The school lunch continues to surprise me…
피자떡볶이: Pizza Tteokbokki: Not as delicious as it sounds. The sauce is like a sticky sweet spaghetti sauce (see pic 2 in the link) with possibly mushrooms(?) inside. I did enjoy the tteokbokki itself, as it was stuffed with cheese that almost tasted like ricotta. Mmm.
ㆍ배추김치: Napa Cabbage Kimchi: This is always pretty tasty.

I give this meal a 3맛/5. I don’t think it was very healthy and not as delicious as I’d hoped… but there’s always room for improvement!

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