Monday: Vienna Sausages, Korean Style!


Today’s lunch was seriously spicy. I’m not sure if they meant to make my nose run, but it worked! Also, this is the first time I’ve started eating and forgot to take a picture first! Oops!

ㆍ오징어야채볶음: Ojingah Yachae Bokkeum: Fried squid and vegetables: Now with extra spice!
ㆍ육개장: Yukgae Jang: Mushroom and Vegetable soup: This was the best dish of them all.
ㆍ비엔나야채볶음: Bienna Yachae Bokkeum: Fried Vienna Sausages and Vegetables: Simply delicious.
ㆍ배추김치: Napa Kimchi: Mmm. Always delicious.


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