Tuesday: Chili Shrimp and Fire (Mapa) Tofu


I guess I’m a little biased. I love fried foods. Especially shrimp! Today’s lunch was like a punch in the mouth. Tangy chili shrimp and spicy tofu fry.

쇠고기감자국: Suigogi Gamja Guk (Beef and Potato Soup): Even though my soup is clear and hard to see in the picture, it had a great, strong beef flavor.
마파두부: Mapa Dubu (Mapa Tofu): The first time I ate this dish, I had a horrible digestive reaction. This may or may not be because of the foods they paired with the dish. I believe it is wonderful, but more for people with “iron stomachs”.
칠리새우: Chili Seyu (Chili Shrimp): Just like tangsuyook, these little guys were a highlight of the meal. I think the chili sauce could have been less sweet (but I think sweet is a food group here). Either way, dipped into the tofu or chili sauce, I loved them and I hope they come back.

Today’s lunch: 5맛~


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