Friday: Tuna/Kimchi Bokkeum and Fried Fish


ㆍ닭곰탕: Dak Gom Tang (Chicken Soup): Pretty good, but still doesn’t beat Chicken Noodle in my mind.
ㆍ참치김치볶음: Chamchi Kimchi Bokkeum (Fried Tuna and Kimchi): Really good, especially mixed with rice and soup. Forget what some people might say about mixing foods. This is just delish.
ㆍ햄계란부침: Hamgyelan Buchim (Ham Omelette Roll): I’m not really an omelette person, and anyone who knows me well probably knows this. I put this on my tray to take a picture, and immediately gave it away. Sorry folks.
ㆍ가자미구이: Gajami Gooie (Fried Fish): It’s some kind of fish, deep fried. I think this is the very piece of fish that I gave up trying to pick out all the bones on and just ate them. It was difficult, but I did it. And maybe I feel like I’ve grown as a person, just a little bit.

Today’s lunch deserves a 4/5맛. It was good, nutritious, and filling. Thanks, lunch ladies, for making such good food!

Side Note: You might have noticed that there is no Kimchi on my plate… I have stopped taking radish kimchi. So long, old enemy. Have a wonderful life in the mouths of all those who wish to eat you. But not me, no more.

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