Thursday: Mandu Guk and Mystery Meat


떡만두국: Tteok Mandu Guk (Rice Cake and Mandu Soup): Simply delicious. One of my favorite soups ever!
도토리묵무침: Dotorimuk Muchim (Acorn Jelly): At first, I found this savory jelly soaked in spicy sauce to be quite strange compared to the jellies I was used to at home, but now I quite like it. Acorn Jelly is also quite expensive and now it has become like a little treat.
맥적구이: Maek Jeok Gooie (Pork Pattie?): This meat looks much more appetizing on the website I linked than it was on my tray. I prefer to call this kind of gelatenous goo-ie “mystery meat”, as it does not resemble meat at all. More like a McDonald’s McRib pattie. Yuck.

In all, I give this lunch a 4/5맛. Next time, forget the mystery meat and just give us the mandu!


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