Wednesday: Whoa, Chicken Wraps?



Let’s get this started! This lunch was a huge surprise… I only wish there had been more tortillas… all of the teachers were so hungry that nearly all the chicken and tortillas had been eaten! The fun part was showing how to do a burrito roll to my co-teacher. Food is so fun!

알밥: All bap (Rice Topped with Raw Fish Eggs): Yum. This rice is slightly crunchy with kimchi and lots of veggies. They hide that tobiko/fish eggs, so if you’re vegetarian, stay away!
팽이된장국: Paengi Dwein Jang Guk: Mushroom and Miso Soup: I could probably eat this soup every day and not get tired of it. Then again, I have always loved miso soup.
ㆍ치킨또띠아: Chicken Tortilla: WHAT. My school is the BEST. Let’s do this every Wednesday! Served with mustard and cabbage greens.
ㆍ나박김치: Nabak Kimchi: Vinegar Kimchi: I actually like this; the sauce is quite refreshing in the summer-time.
ㆍ귤: Gyul: Tangerines: Always delicious. I believe these are from Jeju Island!

Easily a 5 맛 lunch! Wow!


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