Yogurt and Cake: End of Exam Lunchee


Just so we’re clear, exams ended two weeks ago. I’m pretty far behind on these lunches, but I hope to catch up over the break. Here’s December 13th’s lunch. Looks good, yeah?

ㆍ콩나물밥: KongNaMul Bap (Mixed veggie and spam rice): Okay, but not my cup of tea. I’m just not a spam person.
유부어묵국: Yoobuuh MukGuk (Fish Cake Stew): I have grown to really like the taste of this. Fish and seaweed base with tofu/fish cake in a hot broth is delicious on a cold day.
ㆍ양념치킨: YangNyeum Chicken (“YumYum Chicken”): I love this dish. I only wish it were boneless, like the kind I can have delivered to my house. Eating chicken with the bones in with your chopsticks is harder than you might think!
ㆍ배추겉절: Baechu Gutjeul: Ask a Korean… I’m not sure what the difference is in the kimchi here (or if they might have replaced it with normal Baechu (napa) kimchi) but it was normal to me.
ㆍ요구르트: Yogurt: These little brown yogurts are kids’ favorite sweet treat. We had them in Kindy and Elementary all the time as part of the “milk movement”. I think they are sickly sweet and consider them dessert compared to the yogurt I love!
조각케익: The sauce you see in the picture, top left. It’s made with soy sauce, fish and sesame oil, sesame seeds, and onion. I love it. In today’s particular lunch, it’s used on top of the rice. Made it much easier to get down.
Not mentioned is CAKE! Chocolate layer cake that tasted more like defrosted tiramisu. It was a nice change to the normal school lunch.

I give today’s lunch a 3맛/5. While there was a lot of variety, I felt that it wasn’t very nutritious. (Yumyum chicken is very high in calories!) But it was delicious, especially after working hard for exam week.


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