Apocalypse Lunch-ee: Seafood Soup and Greasy Chicken


Today will always be remembered as that day we jokingly (some not so jokingly) believed was the end of the world. What did you eat? Will you remember?

해물탕 Haemul Tang (Seafood Soup): This had bits of crab, squid, and shrimp that were stewed with miso paste and spicy red pepper flakes. Amazing.
두부조림 Dubu Jorim (Braised, Pan-Fried Tofu): I think I came to love tofu more in South Korea than I ever did in the USA. I do really love this stuff. This one in particular had bits of carrot and red pepper flakes.
깍두기 Jjak Dugi (Radish Kimchi): You know, kimchi is a great source of fiber, but it’s also one of the “trigger foods” for stomach cancer. Here is my tiny portion. I ate some just in case it’s my last taste of kimchi, ever again!
훈제치킨 Hunjae Chicken (Smoked Chicken): I love this meat. I felt guilty eating it, since I’m trying my best to become a vegetarian (works better outside of school) but it got the best of me with its greasy glory.
팥시루떡 Patshilu Tteok (Red Bean Rice Cake): I heard that Koreans eat Red-Bean foods on the Winter Solstice to keep away demons that emerge and lurk on the longest night of the year. This particular rice cake is dry on the outside and chewy inside. I’m not really a tteok fan, but I ate it just in case. ;) Here’s a picture:


5/5맛! Happy Sol-pocalypse!


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