Monday – Su Yook and Soothing Miso Soup


Wow, we’re back! For a few days, at least. It’s the week separating winter and spring break, and the teachers must be present for the 3rd graders’ graduation ceremony. It’s pretty difficult being back (even for a short while) after such a long break!

Today’s lunch was surprisingly healthy! I enjoy having a warm soup at lunch when there’s snow on the ground.

달래된장찌개: Dallae Dwinjang Chiggae (Soothing Miso Soup): I could slurp this dish for hours. I love the hint of spicy gochu pepper and the chunks of onion and tofu with miso paste. It’s just as soothing as the title implies!
파래무생채: Palae Musengchae (Greens and Radish): This side dish (next to the rice in my picture) is full of nutrition. I especially love the sesame seeds and oil used to flavor it. My school likes to add spice to it, which is why it’s slightly red in my picture but white in the link provided.
배추겉절이: Kimchi: Today’s kimchi was slightly more fermented than usual. Maybe it’s because we’ve been on vacation for three weeks!
수육/쌈장 Su Yook/SsamJang (Pork and Bean Paste): Su Yook is a kind of Bosam – it’s sliced pork. This is typically eaten in a restaurant with dozens of side dishes! But today the school gave us Ssamjang sauce to dip it in. Slightly spicy and full of soy, this sauce doesn’t disappoint. I usually use any leftovers to flavor the rice.

Not listed on today’s menu was fried fish! Unfortunately, the bones in this kind of fish are pretty sharp and I try to be very careful to not stab myself in the mouth with them. Then again, my Korean co-workers just chew up all the bones and swallow. I suppose I’m the only one that cares about the choking hazard… a reflection of my American upbringing!

I give today’s lunch an easy 5/5 맛!

Do you have a lunch you’d like to share with us? Please send a picture and description of the foods on your tray to and we’ll feature you on the blog!

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2 thoughts on “Monday – Su Yook and Soothing Miso Soup

    • Yes, however it does come out of our paychecks. It’s much cheaper than ordering lunch and there are unlimited refills if you don’t like a particular side dish. Hagwons will usually give lunch for free, but the quality is much lower since they don’t have to feed “big” kids. haha

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