Monday – Soothing Cucumber Salad and Baby Clam & Spinach Soup


Today’s lunch was pretty healthy and tasted great! I especially liked the Strawberry Juice they gave us for dessert. I found this to be an appropriate way to start the new year and new semester – looking forward to spring (Juice) and keeping away bad luck (Red Bean Ddeok). Here’s what they gave us:

ㆍ잡곡밥 Healthy Rice (Jap guk bap) – a healthy version of white rice with beans and other grains cooked into it.
ㆍ바지락시금치국 Baby Clam and Spinach Soup (Bajirak Shigeumchi Guk) – I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not much of a clam person. I do, however, love spinach soups, especially with miso paste. YUM!
ㆍ오이달래무침 Soothing Cucumber Salad (Ooie Dalrae Muchim) – These cucumbers are lightly pickled and mixed with other veggies and some red pepper flakes. I had two helpings, it was so delicious!
ㆍ배추겉절이 Salted Chinese Cabbage/Kimchi (Baechu Gotjeolie) – This kimchi didn’t taste much different from other kimchi I’ve had in the past, but was still good.
ㆍ딸기쥬스 Strawberry Juice (Dalgi Joosuh) – Sweet and refreshing! A great dessert option!
ㆍ수육/쌈장 Sliced Pork and Ssam Jang Sauce – (Suyook/Ssam Jang) One of my favorite dinners in Korea is sliced pork, also known to foreigners as simply “Bossam” for it’s unique shape. Suyook is boiled in a broth and served alone, without the broth. It’s usually dipped in some kind of sauce or eaten with kimchi. I love it!
ㆍ팥시루떡 Red Bean Ddeok (Pat Shiruddeok) – I’m not a huge Ddeok fan (it’s very dense and tasteless) but it’s more symbolic than tasty. Red bean is said to drive away demons, and in the modern era, to bring good luck. You can read more about red bean mythology here!

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