Tuesday – Fish Cake on a Stick Soup


Today’s lunch was pretty good. Over winter break, I developed an uncontrollable love for fish cake. The most common fish cake is called O-deng, and it’s usually sold by vendors on the streets. You can imagine the look on my face when I found out we were having it for lunch!

ㆍ꼬치어묵국 Skewered Fish Cake Soup (Kkochiuh Mokguk): Fishy and hot. I like it, but a lot of foreigners I know don’t. I think it’s a taste you have to get used to… it’s really fishy.
ㆍ느타리버섯볶음 Oyster mushroom stir-fry (Nuhtaribuhsuht Bokkeum): This is a pretty common side dish at restaurants. I find it a little bland (it mostly tastes like sesame oil) but oyster mushrooms are pretty healthy.
ㆍ닭감자조림 Simmered Chicken and Potatoes (Dalk Gamja Jorim): I think I’ve said before that this dish is yum-o, but I really hate bones in my food. It’s not a big deal to my Korean teachers, but I guess that’s because they care less about how animals are butchered (tenderloin, t-bone, etc). For each square inch piece, about half was meat and half was bone. Sadface.
ㆍ배추김치 Kimchi

I give this lunch a 4/5 맛.

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