Starting a new semester!


oh yes. welcome back, eatyourlunchee!

At last, I am back with the posting of school lunches to eatyourlunchee. A few things have changed: mostly that the menus provided to me are only in English! So some days I have no idea what I’m eating!

Today’s menu:

  • multigrain rice
  • curry
  • maemil soba (cold soba noodles)
  • baechu kimchi
  • grapes
  • waffles~

Wednesdays are always the best days. It’s said (by my co-worker) that the school tries to provide a really special lunch on Wednesdays to get the student’s hopes up. Wednesday is hump day, after all.

As always, feel free to send in a picture of your lunch with a description of what you ate and how it tastes to !


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