Long Forgotten Lunchee: Street Food and Rice Pudding!


Hello everyone! Apologies for the long absence. Teaching teenage boys can be distracting in a “why-did-I-decide-to-blog-lunch-every-day” kind of way!

This lunch was hidden away on my iPhone from a few weeks ago. I remember looking at the menu skeptically. “Rice Pudding?” I  remember saying, gagging a little as the words jumped out of my mouth. The only rice pud I ever had was my great-grandmother’s tapioca, and trust me, it left an impression for life.

I saved it for last, of course, but it turns out it was closer to creme brulee than tapioca! Hurray! Lunch was saved. :)

Here’s a breakdown of what we had:

  • Tteokbokki: Rice and fish cakes drenched in red pepper sauce. Korean street food number ONE!
  • Deep-fried Sundae: Hilariously, this was paired with our tteokbokki, just as it is at the street vendors’.
  • Shaved Pork Slices with Sliced Onion and Special Sauce: Yum. This sauce was so good that I used the leftovers on my rice.
  • Onion/Fish Broth: I love broths. Maybe I’m getting old. I tilt the bowl back (rudely, I’m sure) and slurp away. So nice.

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