Final Five Lunchees! #1: Pork and Chashyu Salad


Hello, readers! It’s the final five days that I have here at my school, and I’m excited to share each day’s lunch with you, from Tuesday to next Monday (Graduation Day). Let’s get started!

Today’s lunch was pretty good for being the first we’ve had in almost a month! I think one of the ingredients for the soup tasted a bit “gone off” but other than that, eating Korean food for lunch again really made me feel “home at last” after my 8 day vacation in Cambodia.

The foods from top left going clockwise are:

차슈샐러드 – Chashyu Salad (Sliced onion and chive with thick soy sauce) – This was a delicious sauce made to eat together with the pork. It was salty but savory and complemented the meat very well. I think I added too much liquid to my “salad” and a lot remained after the onions and pork were finished.
꼬막찜 – Sliced Pork – Pork is a very popular meat here in South Korea, especially Sliced Pork in many varieties like Samgyeupsal (like bacon) and Bossam (fatty back meat). If you can imagine a pork roast sliced into even thicknesses and served with Kimchi instead of carrots and mashed potatoes, that’s what this tastes like. Even me, not being a fan of pork, likes this dish.
김 – Sliced Seaweed – Gim, or sliced seaweed, is usually eaten with rice. Lay a piece of the seaweed on your rice, push down with the sides of your chopsticks until it has stuck to the rice, and pinch a log-shaped piece from the rice. Devour. Enjoy!
보쌈김치 – Bossam Kimchi – Yummy, fermented goodness.
달래된장찌개 – Soothing Miso Soup – I love Dwenjang chiggae. It is possibly my absolute favorite food, along with Mandu (dumplings)! But on this day… something was very wrong. I can’t put my finger on it, but after a few sips, I gave up trying to stomach it down and put down my spoon. Disappointed isn’t the word. I really have respect for all the lunch ladies at my school, and I’m sure this wasn’t their fault. There must have been a rancid ingredient or something, so I won’t take off points for it.

In total, I think the rating for today is: 4/5 맛!

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